I’m currently in process of updating this site. It will be back running in full again in the next few months but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me anytime. You can drop me a message through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn!

In the meantime here’s a quick summary of what I can do for you…

Creatives: I’m here to help you nurture your fan base so it remains connected and loyal throughout your journey. CareersĀ  have ups and downs, busy and slow times. A good relationship with your fans can be a great asset through it all but it requires care and consistency. That’s something I specialize in.

Fans: If you’re looking for ways to support your favorite creative, I’m happy to help with that. At the moment the most concrete advise and support I can give to Wakey Wakey fans but I have connections and experience to help and inspire also fans of other creatives. I would love to hear from you regardless of who you’re a fan of!

Representatives/team members of creatives: I’m also available for smaller fan relations projects like market research, customer service, social media/fan relations consultation, one-off fan relations campaigns or moderating chats and live streams.

Others with fans as stakeholders: What kind of fan-related questions, challenges or ideas are the most relevant to you at this point? I’d love to hear from you!